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Labour at Work Specialist Employment Labour Law Cnsultants

About Labour at Work

Labour-at-WorkLabour At Work (Pty) Ltd specializes primarily in presiding in disciplinary hearings, investigating disciplinary offences and employee grievances and providing labour relations training.  Our core focal areas are Public Service Departments (national and provincial), Local Governments and other Public Sector (statutory) entities.

We have extensive experience in the application of discipline within the Public Service and are professionally trained to apply various labour law provisions applicable to the Public Service.  Due to our many years of experience in the Public Service, we have a sound knowledge of Public Service law, labour law, rules, policies and procedures which enables us to deal with disciplinary hearings in a competent, speedy and cost-effective way.

Our extensive knowledge of the Public Service and its various prescripts also allows us to conduct thorough investigations into employee grievances and to submit sound findings and recommendations with regard to the resolution of said grievance.

Our training interventions largely relate to labour law in the Public Service, and various disciplinary hearing skills, such as chairperson skills, investigation methodology, employer representative skills and shop steward skills.  In addition, it will be one of our primary objectives to present customized training to our client’s employees.