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Disciplinary hearing skills

Target group:
Supervisors, line managers and labour relations practitioners

Desired outcomes:

  • Have a sound understanding of the principles of disciplinary action;
  • Acquire the ability to represent the employer at a disciplinary hearing as an initiator;
  • Ensure compliance with procedural and substantive requirements for a fair hearing;
  • To chair a disciplinary hearing with the necessary confidence and skills;
  • Ensure that chair persons comply with procedural requirements and the necessary skills to consider and weigh the parties’ evidence and arguments         


  • Disciplinary code, labour law and administrative law
  • Various forms of transgressions
  • Investigation skills
  • Preparing for a disciplinary hearing
  • Leading evidence and cross-examination
  • Rules of evidence
  • Balance of probabilities        
  • Chairing skills
  • To handle problems and disruptive behaviour at the hearing
  • Ensuring procedural fairness
  • Evaluation of evidence to ensure a substantive fair finding on guilt and appropriate sanction
  • Dismissal and disciplinary action short of dismissal
  • Code of Good Practice: Dismissal
  • Applicable collective agreements

Training methodology:

  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Role play

Course duration: 3 days