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Dishonesty related transgressions

Target Group:
Supervisors, line managers and labour relations practitioners

Course outcome:             
Explain the transgression of:

  • unauthorised possession/removal
  • misutilisation of employer property
  • misrepresentation
  • corruption
  • To equip staff with knowledge how to deal with these transgressions


  • Employment contract
  • Definition of dishonesty related transgressions
  • Duty to act in good faith
  • What constitutes authorised possession/removal or utilisation of employer’s property?
  • Understanding the difference between theft and unauthorised removal/possession
  • Understanding misrepresentation
  • Understanding corruption
  • Appropriate sanction
  • Code of Good Practice:  Dismissal
  • Applicable collective agreements

Training methodology:

  • Presentations
  • Case studies

Course duration: 1 day