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Managing incapacity (Poor work performance)

Target Group:                 
Supervisors, line managers and labour relations practitioners

Course outcome:

  • Identify the difference between poor work as a form of incapacity and poor work as a form of misconduct;
  • Acquiring the ability to manage and correct poor work performance in a fair and effective manner


  • How to identify poor work performance versus misconduct
  • Preparing and arranging a counselling meeting
  • Procedural requirements for a fair incapacity hearing/interview
  • The format and contents of the incapacity hearing/interview
  • Substantive fairness: The outcome of the incapacity hearing/interview (guidance, counselling, training or adjustment of duties)
  • Regular monitoring and feedback
  • Demotion or dismissal if no improvement
  • Code of Good Practice:  Dismissal
  • Applicable collective agreements

Training methodology:

  • Presentations
  • Case studies

Course duration: 1 day