LABOUR AT WORK // Specialist Employment and Labour Law Consultancy for the Public Sector
Labour at Work Specialist Employment Labour Law Cnsultants

Progressive/Corrective discipline

Target group:                 
Supervisors and line managers

Desired outcomes:            To equip employees in supervisory/management capacities to apply progressive discipline in a fair, effective and speedy manner



  • Absenteeism
  • Alcohol problems
  • Disrespectful behaviour
  • Failure to execute a valid instruction
  • Late reporting for duty
  • Poor work, not related to incapacity
  • Misuse of employer’s property

Fair Procedure

  • How to follow a fair progressive process
  • Audi alteram partem-rule (hear the other side)
  • Balance of probability
  • Representation
  • Sanction

Substantive fairness

  • Weighing evidence to conclude that misconduct was committed
  • Identifying the appropriate sanction or correctional measure
  • Code of Good Practice:  Dismissal
  • Applicable collective agreements

Training methodology:      Presentations
Case studies

Course duration:               1 day