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Shop steward skills for representing their members in disciplinary hearings

Target Group:
Shop stewards and workplace representatives

Course outcome:
To assist shop stewards to represent their members in a skilful and effective manner


  • Have a clear understanding of the rights and duties of a shop steward
  • Shop stewards duty to act in good faith
  • Requests for access to information or more particulars
  • Preparing the member for the hearing
  • Have a clear understanding of when misconduct is regarded as serious and when not
  • Leading evidence and cross-examination at the hearing
  • To guide shop stewards with regard to how they may and should represent their members and what conduct will not be permitted in the process of representing their members
  • The importance of co-operating in the process of disciplinary hearings as oppose to a win-lose at all costs
  • What conduct of the shop steward may cause disciplinary action taken against the shop steward
  • Saving the member’s career as oppose to contribute to the member being dismissed
  • Plea bargaining

Training methodology:

  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Role plays

Course duration: 2 days