LABOUR AT WORK // Specialist Employment and Labour Law Consultancy for the Public Sector
Labour at Work Specialist Employment Labour Law Cnsultants


Labour-at-WorkWe provide the following services:

Disciplinary action

  • Investigating misconduct
  • Representing the employer in disciplinary hearings as initiator
  • Chairing disciplinary hearings


  • Investigating grievances and making recommendations


  • Labour Relations in the Public Service
  • Disciplinary hearing skills
  • Progressive/Corrective discipline
  • Advanced disciplinary hearing skills
  • Absenteeism and abuse of sick leave
  • Alcohol related problems/transgressions and substance abuse
  • Dishonesty related transgressions  (Unauthorised possession/removal/ utilisation of employer property/corruption/misrepresentation)
  • Shop steward skills relating to disciplinary action
  • Managing Incapacity (Poor work performance/Poor health)
  • Grievances: Investigation methodology


  • Chairing incapacity investigations (hearings)